Landmarks in Perception

Landmarks in Perception
(A special issue of Perception)
Edited by Benjamin W. Tatler, Tomasz Troscianko and Peter Thompson
Publication date: June 2009

The journal Perception has been around since 1972 and has published a large amount of interesting material in that time. We thought it would be a nice idea to put together a special issue based upon some of the most influential papers that have appeared in the journal. We recently worked out the 25 most cited papers to have appeared in Perception and from this selected ten articles that cover a representative range of topics. In this special issue we not only reprint these 10 classic and influential articles, but also the original authors have provided their retrospective views on the paper: how it was conceived and how they feel things have moved on since this article was published. Alongside each retrospective piece we have comments from 3-4 experts in each respective field, providing their thoughts on the impact that this paper has had on the field. Finally each original author provides a final thought in response to each comment on their work. This special issue is not only an opportunity to revisit some classic papers in perception, but also to reflect upon the ways in which these papers have shaped subsequent research.

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